Risk and Strategic Consulting

In 2007, Elite Security acquired International Risk and Information Services - IRIS. This division of the Elite Security Holding specializes in providing the local understanding, information and connections required to safely run security operations and protect assets in Russia and the CIS. In this vein, IRIS also provides Clients the strategic and risk consulting required for informed business decisions across the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Our team routinely helps our Clients in critical fact finding across the entire span of their business and daily operations – in supply chain protection and optimization, in hiring, acquisitions and in security audit and assessment of our Client’s ongoing operations. We have the contacts and experience in order to identify potential risks, compliance issues and then provide dynamic solutions required.

The range of services provided by IRIS can be outlined in brief as due diligence, corporate investigations, brand protection, intellectual property rights enforcement, security audit, and contractor and background checks. We also assist our clients in volatile situations through crisis management and litigation support to address their individual needs and issues.

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